Eradicating poverty by investing in the people affected most.

Your generous support promotes social responsibility and allows those most affected by poverty the opportunity to become successful business owners.

Thank you for making a difference and supporting our work.

Synergy Farms Inc., based in Nashville, TN, is a social enterprise, supporting small farmers in communities around the world. The goal is simple, yet big—to end global poverty through small business enterprises. SFI empowers local farmers to improve global food security using aquaponic technology.

SFI is growing locally: from Southern Africa to rural Tennessee we are expanding local farm production for better access to nutritious foods.

Fisheries and aquaculture have enormous potential to provide the people with more food, better nutrition and access to income. Already many of the world’s poorest billion, particularly people in Asia and Africa, get a substantial portion of the animal protein in their diet from fish.

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SFI aims to close the gaps in local aquaculture production and increase access to healthy foods. Our goal is to address capacity building among native farm producers.

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